New Web Site for FCC

I would like to announce the publishing of a new web site for Frenchtown Community Church.  We will be shifting all our news and information to that site, and we will no longer be updating this blog.  The new site address is . Please, bookmark this new address, and enjoy our new site!

Pastor Scott


Movie Night! Saturday Feb. 4th @ 7pm

We’ll be watching the comedy, “Marriage Retreat.”  Movie starts at 7pm, and the popcorn is yummy and free!

Back to Exodus

On Sunday, January 8th, we will return to our study of Exodus: God Redeems.  So far, we have seen how God has prepared both the people of Israel, and their deliverer, Moses, for a great liberation from bondage to slavery.  The main emphasis, if we could point out just one, is that of God’s timing.  The people of Israel were beyond ready for things to change, yet God made them wait.  Moses didn’t believe he was ready for a big change, yet God kept moving him forward.   In the “waiting” of the people, God was preparing them for deliverance.  In His patient instruction and encouragement of Moses, God was preparing him to be the deliverer.  Now, all of this comes together when Moses issues God’s decree to Pharaoh, “Let my people go.”  Please join us as we pick up again in the second book of the Old Testament – Exodus.

We meet for Sunday School at 9:30am, and our time of corporate worship is at 10:45am.  Call the church office if you need information, or transportation – 626-5780.

Christmas Celebrations at FCC

On behalf of the entire congregation of Frenchtown Community Church, please accept our invitation to our annual Christmas celebrations, on Saturday, December 24th, and Sunday, December 25th.

On Saturday night, a full Christmas dinner will be served (free of charge) at 5:30pm downstairs in the fellowship hall.  Following the meal at 7pm, there is a candle light service featuring the church choir singing 4 songs from the cantata, “Celebrate the Day.”

Our Christmas morning worship service will be at 10:45am on Sunday.  We will once again enjoy the choir, congregational singing, and a message from Scripture.  We would greatly enjoy your presence with us!

If you need transportation to either of these events, please contact the church at 626-5780, or email to

Christmas Worship

This is one of the most beautiful Christmas songs I have ever heard.  I was driving home from church last Sunday morning (I spend a couple of hours at the church between 6 and 8am) and this song came on the radio – I literally had to stop and just worship.  The idea that God would come and be with us – in our flesh and weakness – so that He could become a perfect sacrifice for us, blows me away whenever I think about it.  How personal, and at the same time, how powerful.  Enjoy the song.

Pastor Scott

It’s Beginning to Feel a lot like Christmas!

Here is an updated schedule for the rest of the month!

Thursday, December 15th – Men’s Bible Study (6:30am)

Friday, December 16th – Adult Christmas Party (6pm in the downstairs fellowship hall)

Saturday, December 17th – Carol Singing (Meet at the Church at 6:30pm)

Sunday, December 18th – Sunday School, Worship Service, and Choir rehearsal after church.

Tuesday, December 20th – AWANA (4-6pm), Council Meeting (7:00pm)

Saturday, December 24th – Christmas Outreach Dinner (5:30pm), Candle Light Service (7:00pm)

Sunday, December 25th – No Sunday School.  Christmas Day Worship @ 10:45am

Call Pastor Scott (626-5780) if you have questions about the dates and times…or if he goofed and got one of them wrong! 🙂

A Different kind of Love

This is an awesome devotional article that will really stretch your thinking about something we too often take for granted: the love of God in Christ.  Read it and then think.  Think about it, then in deep gratitude, worship.


Love Will Tear Us Apart

Self love comes by instinct. The adoration of self comes more natural to our flesh than any talent or skill developed from years of study, training, trial, or error. It became our first ignoble quality after the incident in the garden, our foremost love unequaled by everything else until the love of the Savior arrived to infiltrate and saturate it completely. This far lesser love permeates our being, drowns us in self absorption, feeds us the crumbs of self indulgence, and furthers our addiction for more. This is the love that tears us apart.

But there are two loves.

The love of Christ is a shocking, bloody, invasive, and persuasive love. It’s a love of birth pains, scandal, danger, sorrow, loneliness, misunderstanding, righteous anger, torturous death, and stunning resurrection. It’s completely antithetical to any kind of love that we could ever experience or share by another human being. It’s totally and utterly selfless, pure, transcendent, and triumphant. It has its origins in the inconceivable light, supreme majesty, and unfathomable holiness of God.

We think of God’s love as somehow being a slightly improved or more elaborate version of what we’re able to give or receive from others. But if it were something that even slightly resembled the absolute heights of love we share with those closest to us, we would never be able to experience or recognize it as something that has radically transformed us. We begin to understand the vast reaches of Christ’s love for us when we understand that there’s nothing in time or space vast enough to separate us from it.

For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord (Romans 8:38-39).

This is the love that tears us apart. It removes the dead remains of the lesser love that we have grown and cultivated for ourselves and replaces it with something so incomparably “other” that our only response is the startling outpouring of irresistible joy, humble thanksgiving, and unceasing praise. Poorly imagined analogies will not suffice: reattaching a lost limb, the sudden relief of incomprehensible pain, or rediscovering something precious that you thought you’d lost forever. What the love of Christ accomplishes inside us is something that makes us shudder when we remember our former lives. It’s a love that rescued our lifeless carcasses, once lying dormant in places of unimaginable darkness, and gave us supernatural blood transfusions and divine heart transplants. It’s a somber indicator of our low estate before an infinite and sovereign creator, yet serves as a joyous reminder to those of us who once reeled under the curse of our original father.

The love of God paints us into a new portrait, with etchings, lines, and brushstrokes of colors that we never knew existed. It re-imagines us, and we are made whole, “beholding the glory of the Lord, being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another” (1 Cor. 3:18).

Ronnie Martin is a writer, speaker, recording artist, and worship leader at Ashland (OH) Grace Brethren Church. He also co-hosts The Reformatory, a radio talk show with Ted Kluck. Visit him at